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"How to Start a Business from an Idea" is your essential resource and a comprehensive guide to enhancing your chance of success in running a business. This is a must-read book for anyone pursuing entrepreneurship or business strategy roles.


How to ace your entrepreneurship journey?

This book introduces, for the first time, a proven well-tested framework to systematically validate business ideas designed based on years of experience in the venture capital industry. This book gives you a peek under the hood of successful businesses through best practices and real-life stories in concise.

Read This Book If You Want To:

Find a step-by-step guide helping you through an entrepreneurship journey.

Equip with practical tips to deal with challenges in a new business.

Build the next big thing but you have many uncertainties.

Create an irresistible pitch deck and raise fund for your business.

Mitigate risk without experimentation and develop unique opportunities.

Evaluate various business ideas and navigate through them.

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