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Boutique Artificial Intelligence Consulting Firm

We save you time and money in your AI adoption journey. 

Our Services

We will help you to have an efficient and effective AI journey. 

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Develop your AI strategy

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Prototype your AI projects

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Assess your AI talents and partners

service I

Develop your AI strategy

We closely work with you to create a solid AI strategy that increases the chance of success in your AI journey. 

  • AI Readiness - Evaluate how ready you are to adopt AI and guide you to fill the gaps

  • ROI Analysis - Identify risks and returns tailored to your challenges and organization  

  • AI Roadmap - Create a roadmap that shows you steps needed to take to realize your goals

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service II

Prototype your AI projects

We will build a prototype and proof of concept for your ideas with easy-to-use technologies.

  • Tech StackIdentify the best tools and technologies to implement a PoC

  • ImplementationImplement a PoC in few weeks and present their results 

  • Analysis - Evaluate the feasibility of the project and set a baseline for production

service III

Assess your AI talents and partners

Let us help you build your AI team by identifying the best talents and/or technology partners.

  • Interview Process Create technical interview processes tailored to AI-related roles

  • Conduct Interview Meet one-on-one with your candidates to evaluate their skills

  • Evaluate New Products Asses your technology partners to meet your needs

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Past Projects

A dedicated language model and an advanced clustering technique offers meaningful granularity

Product Lifetime Estimation

An attribute of a product such as lifetime or price can be estimated using AI.

Question Answering Service

Enable users to effortlessly obtain precise answers from vast datasets.

Insurance Fraud Detection

Anomaly detection is a strong use case of AI. Let's use that to detect every fraud claim.

Loan Default Prediction

When it comes to save real dollar, there is no doubt to use AI technology.

Document Understanding

An automated way to extract valuable insight from complex and long documents.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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